Bra Washing Tips

Washing and caring for your bras can seem like a daunting task, we get questions from customers everyday about how to care for bras and what not to do.  So we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to make hand washing bras a little easier.

Be gentle with your bras! Don’t just toss them in with your regular laundry load.


A lot of women rarely wash their bras, maybe once every month or even less! There are a lot of good reasons out there as to why you should wash your bras on a regular basis.


  1. They will last longer. Our sweat and body oils help break down the elastics and fabrics in bras, washing them on a regular basis will help keep them in good shape for a longer period of time.
  2. Most of us wash our shirts after a wear or maybe two, but don’t wash our bras very often. Sweat and bacteria will stay in the bras and the longer you go without washing them the higher the risk of getting a skin infection, a rash or some kind of irritation can occur. This is doubly important for nursing moms. When nursing your body is essentially producing a food product, and not washing can lead to thrush (yeast infection of the breast) and can alter milk flow and just be plain uncomfortable.
  3. If you wash your bras regularly they will show signs of discoloration slower, this is especially true of lighter colored bras.

The biggest thing that will make washing your bras easier is having the right kind of lingerie detergent. Not all detergents are created equal and bras are made with specialized fabrics that need to be washed gently. Look for detergents designed for silk, lace, or are labeled as lingerie detergent. Some are easier to use than others and don’t require any rinsing after the initial soak or agitation, soaking times may be 15 minutes or longer depending on your detergent.

Knowing when to wash your bras is also a big part of proper bra care. As a general rule, we recommend washing your bras after every 2 or 3 wears. If you have a higher impact day and are sweating a bit more or if you just did a workout in a sports bra you might need to wash it the same day. If you’re traveling in a drier and dustier climate you might need to wash it sooner. Washing your bras before there is a noticeable odor will help them stay cleaner and will prevent odors from lingering after you wash your bras.


Hands down our favorite lingerie friendly detergent! One travel packet (1 teaspoon) is enough to wash a full outfit, no rinsing required! We also have this wash available in a 3 ounce or 12 ounce bottle.

Hand washing your bras is by far the gentlest way to care for them. Those hooks are notorious for getting caught on clothing (or your favorite sweater)!  Washing machines can be pretty brutal on bras in general, especially padded and lacy bras. Popping your bras in the drier will dry them faster, but it will also break down the elastics quicker, and the heat is likely to warp the wires.

Want your items to dry out a little faster? Press out that extra water with a bath towel Especially if you wear a molded cup or padded bra. Use a salad spinner to get out the excess water. Hang your bras to dry over an air vent or somewhere with good airflow will also help them dry quicker.

Washing your bras while traveling is also a good thing to think about, do you have a detergent that is easy to transport? If not, try to pack enough bras to last you for your trip. Traveling for a week? Pack 2 bras and wear one on the plane. Traveling for two weeks or longer? Pack some detergent! We carry travel sized packets of Soak Wash that are also excellent for hand washing clothing in a pinch!


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