Do you just carry maternity items?

Nope! We carry a variety bras and lingerie items for women of all ages inculding nursing/maternity bras. We also carry maternity clothing but don’t worry it’s all super cute and we go out of our way to find clothing that isn’t super obviously nursing or maternity oriented so you can wear it whether you’re pregnant, nursing, or just want extra comfy clothing.

Do you carry smaller sizes?

Yes! We carry band sizes 28-46 and cup sizes A-K

Do you do fittings/measurements?


Is it free?


Do I need an appointment?

Nope! We do not schedule appointments because every customer’s needs are different and we want to provide as much or as little time needed for each fitting.

How do you know so much about bras?

Both Hollis and Lindsey have taken bra fitting courses and have done extensive research in their free time. For more details check out our “Who we are and Why we care” page.

Can I bring my  wedding dress, prom dress or special outfit in with me?

Yes, please do! If you have a special event coming up bring your garment with you so we can make sure we can find something that will work with it.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes! You can purchase them in store or online!

Why am I one size in one brand but a cup size or band size smaller in a different one?

Like most clothing bra companies use different fabrics, measuring systems (centimeters vs inches), and create different designs. These all can affect how bras can fit.

I need a strapless bra! Do you have those?

Due to limited store space we are currently doing strapless bras by special order. If you need one for a specific date we recommend stopping by at least 4 weeks before your event for a fitting and to allow for ample order time with our vendors.