Styling Strappy Bralettes When You’re Fuller Busted

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Let’s face it bralettes are in this season in a big way, especially those cute strappy ones. And while those of us that are more petite framed and with a little less breast tissue can easily toss on a bralette and go on their merry way, it can be a little more challenging as a fuller busted woman.  I’ll be upfront, I LOVE the way bralettes look, I LOVE how soft they can be, and I LOVE how flirty and easy they look. However, as a woman that wears a larger cup size it’s not very easy for me to just walk around in just a bralette. Beyond the obvious fact that they aren’t very supportive, most of the time there just isn’t enough fabric to keep the ladies contained. BUT! This doesn’t stop me from wearing them (and even in public).

I’m going to go ahead and say it, because to me it’s super obvious: WEAR THEM OVER YOUR REGULAR BRAS!

I know it sounds strange. But when you find the right style bralette that will work with your bras it can be a really fun contrast and add another dimension to your lingerie. Some cuts of bras or bralettes might work better than others, but keep it fun and play around with it.

Now some bralettes are more about showing off your back, so go for it! Pair them a low back dress or a shirt with fun cut outs. Wear it with a sheer shirt of the same color so it subtly pops through or with a lace back top.  With this style of bralette it is less important to find a bra that works well with the font design and more about figuring out how to show off those straps!


Have a bralette that’s a fun color or has some great lace details? Wear it instead of a camisole under your tops!


Don’t want to show off your bralettes? No worries! Wear them under anything and everything you’d like. Hopefully this helps you decide weather to take the plunge into the world of bralettes.


– Written by Hollis Kitchin, Co-Owner of Bustin’ Out Boutique and bra enthusiast. Hollis wears a size 32H, and  usually wears a large or extra-large in a bralette. Photos by Randi Spray.

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