Clara Full Cup Bra Black & Fig


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A true Panache icon, the Clara Full Cup is refreshed for Autumn. Clara adds a touch of luxury to any outfit.

  • The stretch lace top cups and Lionel bottom cups of the Clara full cup provides a rigid and supportive fit.
  • Provides forward and uplifted projection and shape.
  • Luxurious shape is designed for comfortable everyday wear but also perfect for every occasion.

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30D, 30DD, 30E, 30F, 30FF, 30G, 30GG, 32D, 32DD, 32F, 32FF, 32G, 32GG, 32H, 34D, 34DD, 34E, 34F, 34FF, 34G, 34GG, 34H, 36D, 36DD, 36F, 36FF, 36G, 36GG, 36H, 38D, 38DD, 38E, 38F, 38FF, 38G, 38GG, 38H, 40D, 40DD, 40E, 40F, 40FF, 40G, 40GG

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