Thanks for Letting Us Support You!

As we are coming to the end of our second year of business we want to thank all of our customers for supporting us! Some of you have been with us since before we opened our doors, some of you live here in Juneau, others provide support from far away, and some of you are just now discovering us. But for everyone that enters our shop whether just digitally or physically we are incredibly thankful.

Over the course of two years we’ve undergone a lot of changes; moving to a larger location, having kids, working on expanding our size range, increasing the variety of items we carry, meeting new people, creating events, forming new friendships, and figuring out the ins and outs of our ordering process. This store allows us both to do something that we truly enjoy, interacting and connecting with our community.

We’ll be honest, starting a business isn’t easy and when it comes to bras we know a lot of you are all looking for something different and we strive to find the best fit for everyone no matter what their needs are. Some fittings have been easy and other’s have been trickier but we are continually learning and working towards various bra fitting certifications in order to serve you all to the best of our abilities.

We honestly can’t imagine doing anything else and the fact that all of you allow us to continue to create a store and business that we love means so much to us. We only hope to continue to provide all of you with a safe place to vent about your day, a place to feel comfortable, and a place to create positive memories for years to come.

Happy Holidays, Warmest Wishes, and Sincerest of Thank Yous!

Your Bosom Buddies,

Hollis and Lindsey



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