Get Fit, Get Fitted!


It’s a new year and most of us have the resolution to get back in shape and to get fit! But what about getting fitted and measured for new bras? Our bodies change frequently and it might be a good idea to get measured for a bra if any of the following apply to you:

  • Have never had a bra fitting
  • Recently started or stopped breast feeding
  • Haven’t been fitted in the past year (or more!)
  • Recently lost or gained weight
  • Are on the tightest set of bra hooks even when your bras are brand new
  • The cups of your bra cut into the breast tissue
  • You feel like you’re constantly adjusting your bra
  • Your bra band is riding up in the back, creating a rainbow or an arch
  • You feel like your breast tissue is spilling out of the cups
  • You feel like your breast tissue doesn’t fill out of the cups
  • You feel like your underwires are pinching your breast tissue
  • Your bra is painful in anyway


Come on by and let us help you find a supportive and well fitting bra! No appointment necessary! Have any questions or concerns about your current bras? Contact us!


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