Modeled By Role Models

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Panache Lingerie is one of the main lines of lingerie we carry in our store and they started an excellent campaign called ‘Modeled by Role Models’. They started this idea because in polls they took 75% of women felt that there weren’t any aspirational women role models. And honestly looking at trending headlines there aren’t many women that pop up that aren’t being portrayed in a positive light. Social media and advertising tends to focus on the sexuality of women, and while there is nothing wrong with feeling or being sexy, we tend to lose sight of who these women are. What are their accomplishments? What is their history or background? Where do they come from? What do they do outside of these images?

When Panache announced they were going to be doing a window display competition to promote the ‘Modeled by Role Models’ campaign, we jumped at the opportunity! We asked you to nominate women you felt were inspiring, or just plain awesome so we could do our own spin on their campaign. Since we live in a town with so many incredible people we had a hard time choosing our winners. Each of the five women we chose (and who wanted to) participated in a photo shoot with Becoming Images featuring a Panache bra that suited both their personalities and their bra fit needs. We went with the idea of being able to sit down and chat with someone you look up to. Since Lindsey and I have been known to have an affinity for tea and tea ware we decided, what better way to showcase that idea than by having a tea party for our role models?

We hope you enjoy our window display as much as we enjoyed creating it and we hope you can stop by and see it in person! If not we have some detail shots of our display for you to view here. Click on any of the images below to view in full size.Close up 3Close up 1close up 4Close up 2close up 5

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