Demystifying the ‘DD’

A truly proper fit comes from taking measurements. A one inch difference between the ribcage and breast tissue indicates an ‘A’ cup, add another inch and you get a ‘B’ cup. If you continue going up the alphabet a ‘DD’ is only a five inch difference from your ribcage to your breast tissue! Our most commonly sold sizes tend to run in the 7-10 inch ribcage to breast tissue difference or an ‘F, FF, G, GG’… So why then do so many women think a ‘DD’ is huge? Because many companies only make bras to a ‘DD’ and instead of politely saying ‘sorry we don’t have your size’ they try to accommodate by making the band larger, leading to the rainbow back, quad boob, and/or back pain. While this can sometimes work it usually causes more harm than good!  So there you have it, a ‘DD’ is only a 5 inch difference from your ribcage to your breast tissue and don’t forget, your breast tissue usually starts under your armpits!

If you feel like your bra is perfect than great! We will have bras for you when you’re ready to get a new one. However, if you’re one of the 70% who thinks maybe your bra is the wrong size than come on in and get your free bra fitting! Feeling shy? Get a gaggle of girlfriends together, book a group private fitting and make a party out of it!


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