Our Favorite Detergent for Bra Care

Looking for a great detergent for your delicate items that’s super gentle, plant based and biodegradable? Not only is Soak Wash excellent for your lingerie but it works well for knitwear, swimwear, quilts and baby clothing as well. We have Soak available in a large 12 oz bottle, a smaller 3 oz bottle and mini-packets for which are great for traveling.

Soak detergent in scentless, we have a few other great scents as well!


Not only is the bottle size convenient but the washing process is super simple! Just add one teaspoon to a gallon of cool water in a plastic tub or sink, add your garments, lightly agitate with your hand for a moment to make sure everything is wet. Let your items soak for 15 minutes, pull them out and hang them up to dry!

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