Heating Patch for Menstrual Cramps & Pain Relief


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Discreet Heating Patches works for up to 12 hours to soothe cramps and provide therapeutic heat, right where you need it most. Our set of three easy-to-use therapeutic heating patches instantly warm to a comforting temperature to soothe cramps, increase blood flow, and relax muscles. Use on the lower abdomen to soothe cramps, or on the lower back to alleviate aches and pains related to menstruation. Adhere patch to the outside of your underwear for on-the-go wear.

– Up to 12 hours of heat
– 140°F maximum temperature
– 3 count single-use patches
– Air activated and individually wrapped
– Soothes menstrual pain with therapeutic heat
– Contains Iron Powder, Water, Carbon, Vermiculite, Sodium Chloride

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