“I ADORE Bustin’ Out! Not only do they have amazing service but they have great supportive bras and fabulous other merchandise! I love that Hollis and Lindsey brought this to Juneau cause I love shopping local and I cannot buy a bra without trying it on!” – Callie

“I love this wonderful shop! Beautiful is a place that can make young people and not-as-young people feel comfortable and beautiful alike. My mom and I walked out with two new bras this weekend and she told me it was her first fancy bra ever! Yay for the bra store ( : Thank you ladies.” – Meryl

“I usually feel tension between my shoulder blades, and I can already feel it melting away! I love feeling this supported!” -Aurah

“Excellent service. The shop carries a full range of bra sizes that are not available anywhere else in town. I highly recommend going in and getting measured to find your true size.” – Monica


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